Tidestore.com has surprising bags in store for the much awaited Thanksgiving Day sales

As one of the leading suppliers of fashion wholesale and retail in China, tidescore.com offers plenty of high-quality fashion products to global buyers, mostly women. The online portal is currently in news for the whopping sale it announced as a part of the grand Thanksgiving sales.

China, October 24, 2014

With Thanksgiving Day drawing closer, China based fashion retail and wholesale site, tidestore.com is making waves after announcing a 10% off on all orders. This includes clothing and accessories alike. It comes as great news for all bag shoppers in particular, as the sales period is one of the most awaited times for laying hands on some stylish pieces and at rates to die for.

With over 10 million product listings from the factory of the company, the choices are endless and price is not much of a factor. The essential women bags that are available in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors are made of the finest quality and suits all occasions. From classic one-shoulder bags to the preppy ones, tote bags to those in their sling avatar, the sale will feature everything. Slated to happen from December 20th to 25th, this grand sale is one of the many reasons why the site has become so popular with time.

The online fashion store also prides in other products apart from bags. There are glamorous dresses, shoes, comfy outwear and even innerwear items that can be availed during the sales period. In fact, women can also enjoy few custom made items that they need if they order in advance, an aspect that can rarely be expected of other online portals.

The site is extremely flexible when it comes to payment. From credit and debit card facilities to bank transfers, tidestore.com encourages all. One can even cancel an order if required without hassles. Though there have rarely been complaints about defective products, customers can return them too and get their refund quite easily. The refund policy is simple and suited to the likes of customers.

Even the shipping methods are worthy of mention. For clients who wish to have their products delivered at their doorstep while sitting in the comforts of their home, the site makes for such an allowance also, provided the shipping charges are paid. The delivery time is generally exact.

At a recent press meet, one of the officials of the site who was available for comment about the specialty that lie in this year’s Thanksgiving sales said, “ We are hopeful to do some great business this time. This year, the bags that we are about to offer have something unique and that is something we do not wish to reveal. So you need to find that out when purchasing.”

At Tidescore.com, women can surely unravel the world of fashion and find some fabulous dresses and elegant bags.

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