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Hair Stylist – Record holder … writes “Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & … or Glass or … … Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometime

Hair Stylist – Record holder Anonymous writes “Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & Blindfolded or Glass or papercutter? Imagined, Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometimes that too blindfolded? Scary isn’t? but its not like that; its fun and its an art.Nadeem, 26, Limca Book of world record Holder (cutting hair with fire or by cutting hair blind folded, piece of Glass & papercutter). He was also appreciated by Guiness Book of World records. He work as a Hair Stylist & Colorist at ReX Salon, Chandigarh (INDIA). There are newspapers like The Tribune, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times’ Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar published about Him (you can visit for scanned copies of newspapers at ) and I was also featured in various TV channels SAHARA SAMAY, Doordarshan, AXN, Siti Cable, Prime ChaNNEL, India TV and others He says “It’s been 7 years I have learnt everything from structure of hair to hair cutting to hair Coloring and Still learning. Hair dressing has become my passion” He even did hair coloring diploma from L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf. Also have attended & participated in different hair cutting Competition (in 2000 organized at World Trade Centre) & Seminars in Mumbai. He have been attending various workshops and seminars so He isin touch with existing latest styles, trends and always in pace with the trends & lifestyles. Nadeem Says “Frankly, I was never interested in becoming a hairstylist. I planned on taking up Engineering and for that, I even did computer diploma and stuff. However, somewhere down the line I changed my mind and started working on hair” Now he can cut hair Cut hair using Clippers, Scissors, Razor, Candle Fire, Piece of Glass, Razors and even blind folded. He want to be Great Hair Stylist, that’s his Passion, My Ambition, My Dream; He have no gurus or people in my field who he idolize. Nadeem Says”It just my passion, my hard work, my scissors, my god who have helped me in mastering the art of hair dressing practically as well as theoretically. Although no one can be a 100% perfect hair stylist because good hairstylist learns something with every new client”Nadeem says “hair styling is an art and a good hair stylist is always a very valuable commodity. A hair stylist that specializes in dealing with your hair type is even more valuable and much harder to come by. I really believe that the cut and style of your hair can transform your look and personality from grossly ugly to a glamorous look” Now he is teaching people this art. “I believe sharing our knowledge & skills is only way to keep yourself on top” Grins Nadeem. They is lot of potential in this hair industry, people are now aware its not only their cloths, jewellery that describes them. Its also their hair.” Nadeem has been a very passionate hairdresser for 7 years now. With advanced education from Turkish, specializing in: men and women cut/style, creative color and Japanese Rebonding. Also certified with color key 1 from Loreal & master color course from schwarzkopf. He was also appreciated by Guiness Book of World Records and have featured in various leading TV channels like SAHARA, INDIA TV, ND TV, DOORDARSHAN etc & Newspapers like AMAR UJALA, INDIAN EXpRESS, TRIBUNE, DAINIK BHASKAR etc. Recently he had conducted a Seminar on Latest hair trends & japanese Rebonding. participants were hair dressers & beauticians of the region & neighbouring Areas. It was appreciated by almost everyone. Madhvi, one of the participants said “Nadeem is really creative & Innovative hair stylist” where he distributed certificates to various participantsNadeem Says “Designing a cut needs care, precision, Artistic approach & mixture of techniques & angles, and you can create numerous of styles”. He is well known for specializing in: cutting and styling fine hair, creating immaculate formal styles, as well as pushing trends to a more funky approach with temporary dread-locks. According to him “Beautiful Hair needs an Expert with Stimulation in Creative Identity, Passion and Commitment”He Says “The hair and beauty industry is an exciting and competitive industry. You can travel the world with these qualifications and derive a great deal of career satisfaction if you want to upgrade your skills on a continual basis. Hairdressing and Beauty professionals provide a variety of services in a salon”Some Worth Reading Tips by Nadeem – “Don’ts”Don’t apply chemicals to your hair without a consultation from a professional stylist. Don’t brush, scratch or shampoo hair and scalp before any chemical service.Never apply relaxer and tint on the same day or week.Allow a six month interval between application of a relaxer and permanent wave or three inches of new growth. Don’t reapply a relaxer before six weeks has elapsed… don’t reapply permanent wave before eight to twelve weeks have elapsed. Don’t use the so called “No Lye” Relaxers …they will in the long term, damage your hair and your child’s hair too!! Don’t press and curl chemically treated hair… stop allowing “Blow and Go” salons to use irons on your hair.Never blow dry wet hair… towel dry your hair first… apply setting lotion or leave in conditioner then sit under a dryer until all moisture is absorbed…. allowing hair cuticle to close… then you can blow dry your hair on a medium setting.Never use sponge rollers – they will absorb all the moisture and Conditioners from your hair.When sleeping, don’t place rollers where your head will touch the pillow… stress cause by the roller will tear and weaken the hair… set the top of your head… wrap your hair around your head or pin clip your hair. Always wrap your hair with the pretty satin wraps sold only at Olive’s.Never wear a plastic cap to bed if you have a permanent wave. Your scalp and hair will become rancid.Don’t use plastic brushes. Natural or boar bristle brushes are best.Don’t wear wool scarves or hats without a silk lining.Don’t use tight uncovered rubber bands on your hair.Don’t add dead hair, synthetic hair or wool to your hair. Every head of hair has potential with the right treatment. Discover yours before your do more damage.Don’t have a chemical service in the seventh month of pregnancy.Don’t use any chemical on your hair before major surgery.”Do’s: ” Do have the proper hair analysis to determine the right products for your hair texture.Conditioning is mandatory every time you have a chemical. If your scalp is sensitive to chemical services, make sure that an oil is applied before service. Do advise your stylist of any medications your are taking. Specifically tranquilizers or diet pills before chemical service. Do have your hair shaped or ends trimmed after every chemical service to avoid split ends. Do sleep on a satin pillow case — cotton robs the hair of moisture.Do rinse out chlorine and salt water after swimming. Do cover your hair when spending time in the sun.Do shampoo your hair after a workout or strenuous exercise. The salt from perspiration will erode your hair. If you work out more than once a week, consult your stylist for your particular needs. Do cover your hair when you go in the sauna… you can leave your hair uncovered in the steam room. Do use conditioning shampoos and creme conditioners on natural hair and very dry hair. Always maintain a balanced diet with exercise for a healthy head of hair

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