Factory Work Accidents

Have you suffered an injury as a result of an accident in a factory? What action can you take? Can you claim compensation and will you lose your job? This article explores the steps you need to take if you have been involved in a factory accident.

The starting point in law for any factory or other work accident claim is that your employer has a duty to protect you from harm whilst you are carrying out your duties. This includes providing you with the appropriate safety equipment, ensuring all machinery is correctly maintained and guarded, and providing you with the relevant training. If he fails in these or any other duties and you or a colleague suffers an injury, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Types of Accidents in FactoriesThere are a huge variety of accidents that occur in factories, but there are also some which are seen quite regularly, including:

1. No or inappropriate guards on machinery2. Poor cleanliness (packaging materials, discarded waist etc) leading to tripping accidents3. Poor maintenance leading to defective machinery causing injury4. Leaking items of machinery leading to slipping injuries

What Action Should You Take?You must immediately enter the details of your accident in the accident book. If you are not fit to do this due to injury you should ask a colleague to do this for you. Every employer must keep an accident book pn the premises.

If you are able to you should attempt to obtain some photographs of the scene of the accident, using a newspaper or other dated item to scale and date the accident scene pictures. You should ask colleagues to write down what happened if they were witnesses to the accident.

TreatmentAttend Accident and Emergency or your General Practitioner for an assessment and treatment of your injuries.

Keep ReceiptsIf you are to be away from the factory for some time and you do not receive your full pay, you will need to make a claim for your lost earnings. Keep copies of all of your pay slips to support this part of your claim. Also keep copies of all other receipts for treatment, travel expenses etc.

Will I Lose My Job If I Claim Compensation?You should not lose your job simply by making a claim for compensation as a result of an accident in the factory. Your employer must have insurance to cover such accidents and it will be the insurance company that will pay any compensation awarded for your claim not your employer.

What Next?Find a specialist Work Accident Solicitor with experience of factory accident claims. You should ensure that they offer a free contact service and that you will keep all of your compensation.