Beach fashion 2009, Italian design

It’s still winter but real fashion victims are already planning what they are going to wear next year on the beach. Nowadays what we wear on the beach is as important as what we wear to go out for the night.

But beachwear could be even more important, considering that most parts of our body are uncovered and exposed. So it’s fundamental to find a swimsuit that doesn’t highlight the few kilos extra that we haven’t been able to lose during winter.

That’s absolutely true, to get ready for the beach, women need to start smartly planning right now. To plan what? There are a lot of things to take care of in details since now to avoid doing everything at the last minute and since with far from perfect results.

The first thing to do is choosing a physical activity to practice, in order to start cutting off the extra weight  accumulated over holiday season. You know very well that if you don’t act fast then kilos will be more and more difficult to lose and you’ll be more and  more lazy to do it.

So let’s ask your friends or your colleagues or the web for help, but you have to find out a gym or a swimming pool close to you, so when you’ll be tired after work you won’t need to go very far, with the result of not going at all. The best would be if the gym would be located on the road from your workplace to your home, but if so, you need to have a little lunch break in the afternoon to avoid fainting under some heavy gym equipments for a sudden sugar drop.

If you don’t have a work, well, what are you still doing at home? Let’s go jogging! But pay attention to run far from main streets, that are full of smog and distracted drivers and very dangerous.

After this, it’s very important to gather news about next summer new fashion trends, it’s not too soon at all, most fashion groups already announced their proposals. If you don’t have time or will to empty the newsstand, most fashion magazines have their own website and you can check them at home in the evening. And don’t say that you don’t have an ADSL connection because nowadays I can’t really believe it. If you want to beat all other women to the draw, one possibility is to buy online swimsuits and accessories you chose, often at a sale price.

These orders will get directly to your house, as probably your job and the gym will absorb most of the energy needed to check through every shop in town. (Even if women never lack the energy to go shopping). This will also save you the humiliation to tell the sales woman that you need a bigger size because unfortunately you still haven’t turned into Kate Moss.

An important detail obviously is the choice of your holiday destination and of party people, this affects both your budget and your clothing. It’s really unnecessary to spend hundreds of euro on sexy and fashionable clothes if…no I correct myself, it’s never unnecessary. And even if you are still single maybe it could be a nice way to seduce somebody special.

Where to go is a real dilemma, many people love the beach, many love exotic places, many love cities of art, many people even love to make long walk in the mountains. If you do some quick researches on the web you can find travel offers all over the world, with every kind of accommodation, to satisfy all you needs and every budget. You can also book online at a reduced price compared to travel agency, furthermore if you book early you won’t have the problem to find everything sold out or to satisfy yourself with what is left.